• AGILE DEVELOPERS UKRAINE Our agile development team uses scrum and kanban for most of projects, which makes the development process more measurable in terms of everyday results and flexible for changes, as well as budget efficiency.
  • WELL MANAGED TALENT Project Managers at LEZGRO use Atlassian JIRA and a set of native and third party plugins, essentially Greenhopper Agile, for decomposing project scope, estimating tasks, prioritizing and arranging the tasks workflow inside of project teams. We also generate reports for clients using Atlassian JIRA functionality.
  • WORLDWIDE  CLIENTELE LEZGRO is covering all the continents. Enabled by email, instant messengers and project collaboration tools, it stands on trust, mutual respect and devoutness to our clients’ success.

Our Technology Services are for

We scale up development capacities and deliver mobile and web applications to the market quickly, in high quality, through entrepreneurial, transparent and knowledge-sharing collaboration. Providing early stage development services at equity, we focus on efficient project management, optimized development for high-loaded projects and user experience.
At LEZGRO we collaborate with Product Managers, CTOs and non-technical founders, temporarily or permanently. We are well connected to startup communities around the world. Our company also organizes local entrepreneurship events and regularly sponsors Web Challenge Contest.
We work with clients in US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

Technologies We Work With